Q: I am thinking of selling my caravan. Can I still store it with you and have prospective buyers visit?

A: Yes, no problem, just give us some notice so we can assist.

When are you open?

Do I have to pay when I take my caravan out for short periods?

Can I get a discount for long term storage?

How far are you from Aberystwyth?

How far are you from the Airport?

Are you close to public transport?

How many vans have you got stored?

Are there trees?

I have not bought my caravan yet. Can I still come and inspect your storage site?

What is the surface type in your storage area?

Do you have any covered parking?

Are you insured?

How secure is my van?

Can I store my vehicle with you for just a few days?

How do I pay?

Have you got spaces available?

Do I need to book?

If, I wish to store more than one vehicle, can I get a discount?

How easy is it to access my caravan?